Connect: Katowice Project

D.E.L.M group

Project Name:  Examining self-identity through cross culturalism and constructivism in the wonderland of Marionettes.

Artists and contacts:

Ø  Louise Wheeler    Website:  Email:

Ø  Dagmara Jemioła-Hryniewicka    Website:  Email:

Ø  Ewa Kozera    Website:,  Email:

Ø  Magda Sierpińska    Website:  Email:

Intent of Project

The D.E.L.M group was created by the Connect: Katowice project in February 2016.  This was to be cross culturalism interplay and exchange.  Louise is an alumni Masters Fine Art student from Chelsea College of Arts University in London.  She graduated in September 2015 and is now a teaching assistant on the Masters course as she studies for her teaching qualification in Higher Education.  Louise joined the fellow UK Connect artists in 2015 for the Housed Project which stemmed the project Connect: Katowice.  All the fellow UK artists graduated from the same course as Louise.

In February 2015 Oksana, Alex, Laura and Kelise visited The Academy of Fine Arts, Katowice, Poland (ASP) where all the UK artists’ proposals of intention were put forward.                                            Connect: Katowice Project’s blog:

Dagmara, Magda and Ewa are current students studying at ASP.  They were paired together because of their common interests within their practices.  This included the history, culture and politics of Poland and the UK – our homelands.  They also have a common interest in puppetry, theatre and moving image.  Within this project their primary interest is the social constructivism of our own homelands and culture.  They want to see how they can combine very different lives, experiences and childhood constructivism together.

Visit to Katowice

Louise visited Katowice in September 2016 to meet Dagmara, Ewa and Magda and from here D.E.L.M was created.  It was important for us to be together to see each other’s practice, be inspired, create and produce ideas together.  Louise visited for four days when they researched intensively the culture and history of Poland and Katowice.

Visit to London

This was an evolving workshop were all the groups from the Connect project came together during December 2016.

London Exhibition/Workshop Venue: 

Ø  Hornsey Town Hall Arts Centre

The Broadway, Crouch End London N8 9JJ


In London each D.E.L.M member made their own marionette in the workshop.