there are also famous polish cartoon, which I watched when was a child

there are also famous polish cartoon, which I watched when was a child

Reksio – created by Lechosław Marszałek


first of all “The Adventures of Matołek”

Polish prose-writer, poet, feuilletonist, theatre critic and journalist. One of the most popular pre-World War II writers. Author of children’s books.


“On Dwarfs and little orphan Mary
Berry foraging

The greatest Polish female poet from the times of realism, author of short stories and books for children, literary critic and translator. She was born on May 23rd 1842 in Suwałki and died on October 8th 1910 in Lviv.



Akademia Pana Kleksa

If it comes to BRZECHWA

If it comes to BRZECHWA – there is also very good film based on this novel Akademia Pana Kleksa (Mr. Klek`s Academy)! I watched it when I was child and I still love this film and story!


He became popular as an author of children’s poetry, including Tańcowała igła z nitką (1938), Kaczka Dziwaczka (1939), Przygody Pchły Szachrajki (1946), Brzechwa dzieciom (1953) and the novel Akademia Pana Kleksa (1946).

Poet, satirist and translator; author of popular works for children. He was a lawyer specialized in copyright law.

Julian Tuwim

If it comes to fair tales, story which we read when we were child
JULIAN TUWIM – his poems are very popular in theater, schools
“The Locomotvie”,
“Trąbalski the Elephan”
” Zosia Samosia”
a lot of information about him

he also write for adults and the most popular is “The Ball at the Opera”.

Poet and translator; he expressed rebellion against the form of poetry typicall of the Young Poland period and created a new lyrical hero out of the urban resident.

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